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 Affiliating With NK64

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Racerdude Koopa

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PostSubject: Affiliating With NK64   Thu 31 Jul - 14:32

As you may know, this forum does need some new blood as with mine and LY's forum, NK64. You may have heard of it from MarikYoshi... but we decided to affilaite. What's affiliating? It's when two forums or sites partner up. It shows that we like your forum/site and our members and your members can go to each other's places. During this affiliation, you must make a button that links to this forum but has a nice picture too.

So what can come out of this affiliation? You might get some new members. I apologize of Question putting up old lady/man pornography... he's not like that usually... anyways, hopefully mine and Lonely Yoshi's members will join this forum too. Just make a button for us and whenever one of the administrators (Tutankoopa) comes back, we shall add it to the affiliates board.

MarikYoshi has told me to add it here.
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PostSubject: Re: Affiliating With NK64   Wed 6 Aug - 14:27

Thank you so much Racerdude. We have now officially affiliated, and I just wanted to thank NK64 and Racerdude, as well as TutanKoopa, for the affilation. We will do the same, and I am also going to post NK64's button, on this forum, and this goes for anyone else as well, who would like to affiliate with Luigi Yoshi Mario Fans Forums. ^^

*Edit* Well, goal accomplished. NK64, and LYMF are officially affiliated members now. cheers

So, this is going to be locked now. Wink


(Is currently awaiting a signature of sorts.)
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Affiliating With NK64
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