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 Castle Koopa bio

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PostSubject: Castle Koopa bio   Fri 1 Aug - 14:30

Here is a bio of Castle Koopa I have written:

Castle Koopa's history dates back to 1392 when a Koopa Troopa called Lex E. Koopa constructed a document asking permission to build a castle and to turn the Koopa Republic into the Koopa Kingdom. The document got signed and approved by 282 of the 307 Koopa delegates and the date 2nd December 1396 was set to begin construction. In the meantime, Lex E. Koopa along with 35 construction designers started planning on how Castle Koopa was going to look like. The plan took eight months to complete and on the 13th February 1397, the plans were shown to Gordon J. Koopa who was president at the time approved of the designs and a location was set; Vista Hill in Dark Land would be the plot location for Castle Koopa. Lex E. Koopa was put in charge of a team of 55 builders and began work of constructing Castle Koopa on 2nd December 1396. On 11th August 1399, Spencer J. Koopa was chosen as the first ruler once Castle Koopa was completed. Castle Koopa was completed on 12th January 1407 after eleven long years of construction. Lex E. Koopa and his team were commended for their work and Lex became a tour guide for the first residents including Spencer who became crowned on 4th April 1407 and a total of 4,700 Koopas became part of the newly founded Koopa Empire. Castle Koopa standing at a height of 1,649ft tall was now the tallest building in the Koopa Kingdom.

The Koopa Empire's Beginnings
A total of 6,000 Koopas applied to be part of the Koopa Empire during 1407 with 4,700 being accepted. King Spencer gave each newly appointed members some documents containing a list of rules and shift details. By the end of 1407, a total of 21,500 Koopas became part of the Koopa Empire. Castle Koopa became the main centre for Military, Finance, Law and other things. In 1408, a minimum age of 11 was set for applying for the Koopa Empire.

Castle Koopa is the centre for the Koopa Kingdom's financial managment. Money spent on taxes is sent to the financial department of Castle Koopa and is spent on health, education, public services and other things. Elections for the treasury are held every four years.

Many Koopa Empire members are trained in the military based in Castle Koopa and most are trained in wand usage. Others are trained in using hammers and boomerangs. Most Koopas in the military are also trained in capturing prisoners and restraint techniques. Military Koopas are usually very fit and strong and work at least 10 hours every day.

Koopas serving in the Koopa Empire can also study up to 40 subjects as well as those who are born into the empire. Prisoners who have been held captive for more than three years are allowed to study as well and those that are kept for more than three years usually get fully assimilated into Koopa society. Each subject can last up to three years, 2 hours twice a week but sometimes longer.
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Castle Koopa bio
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