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 Your Perfect Day

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Racerdude Koopa

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PostSubject: Your Perfect Day   Tue 12 Aug - 21:40

Talk about how your perfect day will be. Mine would be cold weather (no sun), forums staying active and a great dinner. Also going to a pal's house.
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Global Moderators
Global Moderators

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PostSubject: Re: Your Perfect Day   Tue 12 Aug - 21:58

Hmm.. Cool weather, Totally overcast, light breeze, friends, someone to hug.

Come see me for a free hug!
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New Gamer
New Gamer

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PostSubject: Re: Your Perfect Day   Fri 15 Aug - 9:15

Lets see,

The day would start with me waking up , brushing my teeth, and eating a warm breakfast of pancakes and orange juice. I would then meet up with my friends and we would drive to SixFlags in Sam's car. We'd spending the entire day there, riding the rollercoasters and laughing a Max for hating them (we would force him on with us anyways, hehe). Eventually, we would drive back to my house, and hold a Super Smash bros Brawl tournament for the rest of the night, where I would pwn everyone with my Yoshi (expecially Max, Sam, Sebastian, and Spencer). I would make it all the way to the finals, and would get in an epic battle with Conner's Wolf. The battle would rage on for atleast ten minutes, but in the end my Yoshi would stand Victorious.

Me and Conner have this rivalry going on see, his Wolf beat me in a tourny once, and my Yoshi beat him in a tourny once... But my perfect day would change that, making ME:2 , CONNER:1

If you are reading this Conner, all I can say is: bring it on.
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PostSubject: Re: Your Perfect Day   

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Your Perfect Day
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