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 Paper Mario 2

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Racerdude Koopa

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PostSubject: Paper Mario 2   Tue 12 Aug - 21:47

What do you think of this awesome game? I love it. Great boss fights, difficult, sometimes easy, etc. Favorite chapter, boss, etc? My favorite chapters are 3, 4 and 8 and my favorite bosses are Macho Grubba and all of the boss fights in the Palace Of Shadow.
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Experienced Gamer
Experienced Gamer

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PostSubject: Re: Paper Mario 2   Wed 13 Aug - 5:05

Paper Mario is an awesome game. I enjoy playing it, exspecially Chapter uhm... that Chapter when your in the train and have to play detektive(Chapter 7 i think) and Chapter 4 where you fight Doopliss which is also my favorite battle(battle theme is awesome).
First i thought Chapter 4 is freakin easy but then... awesome idea with the body exchange!

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Paper Mario 2
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