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 fire island yoshi island

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Luigi's Apprentice
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Luigi's Apprentice

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Location : following Luigi in his travels while being followed by a Yoshi, a Koopa, and a very shy Boo Buddy

PostSubject: Eclipse Start!   Fri 10 Apr - 4:11

eclipse: ow, my headd..... what happened..... <gasps> The Boos! Where are they? Where's the mansion? Where am I?
<enemy comes out of trees and attacks> !!!!

Shyguy: 10/10 hp
Eclipse: 10/10 hp
4/4 mp

Eclipse: Ow!!(shyguy attacks) <takes 3 damage>
Eclipse: 7/10 hp
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Luigi fan 101
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Luigi fan 101

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PostSubject: Re: fire island yoshi island   Fri 30 Apr - 19:59

age 16
name Josh
species yoshi
nature ninja
weapon sword of fire
element fire
weakness water

backround is used to be in mario bros army but dropped out to help another ninja and his queston yoshis island for a tell him something

str 3
vit 2
res 2
spd 3
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fire island yoshi island
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