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 The Forum Basics Introduction Thread...

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PostSubject: The Forum Basics Introduction Thread...   Wed 9 Jul - 15:22

Okay, first things first..
Hello there, I am MarikYoshi, an adminastrator, and I have created this thread to answer all your questions in in a fairly easy, simplistic matter, to avoid confusion. If you still have concerns, PM me.


To get an avatar, you go to "Profile" and then click on "Avatar" and then you can either copy and paste the image's link that you want. (The URL Link) Just go to the image that you want, go to the top of the creen, where the website\'s address is locted, "Copy" and then "Paste" in the proper section. Or you can upload it from an already exsisting site. Or you can choose an image from your "Gallery". You can have only one image displayed at a time, and the image's width may not exceed 150 pixels,and it's height may not exceed 200 pixels. Everything under that amount is fine, though you don't want your avatar to be too small. If you would like to select an avatar from LYMF's gallery, (already exsisting options ready to use) just simply go to the "Avatar" section, and at the bottom, there's an option that says, "Select Avatar from Gallery" and then there's hundreds of avatars from diferent categories and genres for you to use.


To acquire a signature, all you have to do is type something in. Images work in this section,but you have to use the [img] tags and end it with a /img. You may have links in your signature. Tell us about your self, or post a quote that may have meaning to you, what you do is up to you.

Fonts, Colouring, Italics, and type Options

This is fairly easy. Most forums have an code which allows you to change your type. here are the following types..

Bold This here boldens your selected choice. Just click on the "B" once, type the selected words that you want boldened, and then click it once again to end it and to return to normal type. For example..

This is bold This isn't bold. This is bold [b,], starts it, and [,/b] ends it. Remember that!

Italics This is to create italics, to add more expressive feelings and pronunciation, it is meant to serve as in a real ife conversation, as when you stress the words, giving it more feeling and meaning. So for example....
I don\'t understand how you managed to accomplish that amazing feat....
Start it with a [i,] and end it with a [,/i]

Underline This is to highlight important words or sentences that have particular meaning related to the subject,ans serves to catch a person's attention. For example...

Wow, look at that amazing goal, did you see the way he managed to swerve and curve the ball?
It starts with a [u,] and ends with a [,/u]

Strike Out Hmm, this is if you want to cross stuff out, why you may want to use it is up to you. For example... I now have 45 78 goals. To start it, you put [strike,] and to end it you put [,/strike] remmber, / always ends the code, and returns it to normal.

Colours This is to change the colour of your type, hust click on the colours button, then make your selection. For example...
I am an Orange Yoshi

I am a Red Yoshi

I am a Blue Yoshi

to select a colour, just click on the colour you want, and in betwwen the [ ] and [/] mark, start typing. You must type INBETEEN the two brackets. So it should look like this....

[color:d8dd=choose colour here] I am writing in a colour. (End here.) Like that, see?

Smilies To use smilies, just click on the selected choice, and that should be it. The Smillies list is located on the left side of the place where you write comments...


Just click on the prefered choice, and inbetween the brackets, type away.

Font Size To choose what font size you want, click on the Button with two "A"s. There, you may select a size. When you have selected a size, inbetween the brackets, type what you will. For example..

I am so NOT going in that scary haunted house

Text Font To change your font, just click on the button with the single "A" and then proceed to choose your font style. Then type inbetween the two brackets.


To quote a single message, just go to the person's reply and click in the "Quote" button. Then when you type your message, your message will appear underneath the quoted message, so people will know who your comment is directed at.

Multple Quote

This here may be slightly complicated. Quote a reply, than add your own and save. Then click on another person's reply, quote that, and COPY Go to your new post and click "Modify" and then PASTE the second quote underneath the first one. Make sure you quote the WHOLE thing. And to modify, all you have to do is click it, where you last left your comment. You can modify as many times as you want. Please use this device because there is supposed to be absolutely NO double posting, because it is considered SPAM, and that is against this website's rules.

Well, that should be all.. well, hope you people enjoy yourself!!


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The Forum Basics Introduction Thread...
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