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 Rank and Rules Introduction...

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PostSubject: Rank and Rules Introduction...   Wed 16 Jul - 21:24

MarikYoshi here, I updated the forum, made a few changes here and there, and spent hours on updating the Ranks. So, what do you guys think?? You like it? Personally I think that this is much better. Well, I wanted to share the Ranks with you guys, since I spent hours working on them.. >_>


New Gamer = 0- 50

Junior Gamer= 51- 100

Experienced Gamer= 101- 300

Advanced Gamer= 301-550

Expert Gamer= 551-800

Legendary Gamer= 801-1501

Nintendo Hero= 2501+

Mods: You must be appointed by either a Admin, or a Global Moderator. Don't persistently ask for Mod Spots, because then you will not recieve it. Mods command only one section of the overall forum. Moderators Usernames are ORANGE.

Global Moderators: Must be appointed by Admins only. Only well known and trusted members recieve this position. Very rarely will it be vacant, and if so, then Admins will choose members who they think are trustworthy. Requests might go unheeded, if so we desire and see you as unfit to have such a spot. Are second-in-command. Global Moderators also have jurisdiction over other Forum Sections beside their own. The only difference between a Global Moderator and an Admin, is that Global Moderators cannot Ban people. And they cannot make changes related to the site. However, they may lock,delete,unlock, or move topics. Global Moderators Usernames are BLUE.

Admins: Leaders. Simple as that. Do NOT ask for an Admin position. You WILL NOT GET IT. The only exception is if a Admin themselves leave, then they get to choose who they want to take their place. Admins are responsible for the site, and have the ability to change anything related to the forum. They also have the power to ban people. Admins Usernames are GREEN.


No spamming. Unless it is in the correct section. THERE WILL BE UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES:

Comments that are hateful,explicit,vulgar,rude,threatening,demeaning,sexist,racist, or mean.

If you have concerns about this forum, please voice them in a polite manner. A PM to a staff would be appropriate. Or, if your having a problem concerning another member, please PM them, and try to resolve your matters, in a polite, friendly and courteous manner. Again, no mean or degrading comments or messages.

DO NOT DOUBLE POST: Please use the modify button. Double Posting is considered spam, and Admins or Global Moderators WILL edit your post,and/or reprimand you. This includes Mods that are responsible for a particular section.

BANNED MEMBERS: If you continue to be rude/mean, and are consistently going against this forum's rules on purpose, then LYMF Staff will warn you. If you keep on breaking these rules, and ignoring our warnings, we will have to do so. Whether it's a PermaBan, or a temporary one, depends on the depth and consistency of your rule-breaking habits. We wish for our forums to be successful, and we have no intention of banning members. So, let's try to get along, alright everybody? x]

Also, no bumping topics that are 6+ weels older. We would appreciate it if members informed us of these threads. However, circumstances pending, if you have a meaningful post, that gets the blood flowing again, then you may do so. Pointless bumps, will cause the thread to be locked.

That should be all.


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Rank and Rules Introduction...
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